What is handling fee? Why do you charge handling fee?

Handling fee is an amount charged for physical labor and materials associated with processing a product or in processing paperwork.

We charge a very small amount of handling fee which covers our costs for mailing, packaging, and handling the items. You will see the exact handling fee while you are going through the checkout process. You have the opportunity to review the total price including handling fee before placing the order.

The prices of the products listed on our website are setup at very low profit margins. The profits sometimes could not even cover the extra costs we have to pay out. As a result, it's necessary for us to charge the handling surcharge in order to cover all the extra costs, such as the labour and materials for shipping. Even if you choose order online and pick up in-store, the handling fee is not going to be waived.

However, we trust you won't feel disappointed or upset to the final price. Even with the small amount of handling fee, our products' prices are still very aggressive and competitive. You'll save quite bit of money if you purchase from us eventually.

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