What is EHF? Why do you charge EHF?

Environmental Handling Fees (EHF)

The cost of recycling electronic waste material through EPRA Quebec is funded by an Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) collected on the purchase of new electronic equipment. The EHF reflects the actual cost to recycle materials in the product. The fee is not a tax and not a refundable deposit. Click here to download a document about the electronic handling fee.

Starting October 1, 2012 there will be an Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) charged to a variety of new electronics purchased in Quebec. Quebec joined 7 other provinces which currently charge an environmental handling fee for safe disposal of electronic items.

An environmental handling fee is indicated on receipts for electronic purchases as an “EHF” with an associated cost. The fee covers the cost of recovering and recycling or processing that electronic once it reaches its end of life. The money goes to the Association pour le recyclage des produits electronique du Quebec (ARPE) which manages the program, identifies and certifies recyclers and processors of electronic waste, as well as funding drop-off centres where consumers and businesses can take their old electronics. The environmental handling fee will vary by product. The fee is meant to reflect the true cost of disposing the product.


Who is ARPE

ARPE is the french translation for EPRA which stands for electronic products recycling association. In 2011 Canada’s electronics industry created EPRA, as the national, non-profit entity chartered with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Canada’s industry-led and regulated electronics stewardship programs. Members of Electronics Product Stewardship Canada and the Retail Council of Canada established EPRA. Click here for a link to our EPRA homepage.

Where electronic items can be dropped off

All residents and businesses in Quebec can recycle their unwanted electronics FREE OF CHARGE through one of the approved EPRA Québec drop-off points. The EPRA-Québec Program is designed to manage unwanted electronic products that have exhausted their reuse potential. If your electronic items are not at the end of their useful life, you are encouraged to donate them to family members, friends or local charities.

EPRA-Québec expands its network of drop-off points to cover the whole Québec territory. View the most recent list of drop-off points open to the public.


What Can I Recycle?

Portable Computers

  • Laptop computer
  • Notebook computer
  • Tablet computer
  • Netbook computer
  • E-book readers

Desktop Computer

  • Computer terminal
  • Desktop computer used as a server
  • Thin client or Net top Computers

Display Devices

  • Television
  • Computer monitor
  • Professional display
  • Closed circuit monitor screen
  • TV with built-in DVD and/or VCR player/recorder
  • All in one computer

Printers, Scanners and Fax Machines

  • Desktop printers
  • Desktop scanners
  • Desktop MFDs
  • Camera dock printers
  • Desktop business card scanners
  • Desktop cheque scanners
  • Desktop computer scanners
  • Desktop fax machines
  • Desktop label, barcode, card printers
  • Desktop photo negative scanner

Floor standing Print, Copy, Fax and Multi-Functions Product

  • Floor standing printers
  • Floor standing scanners
  • Floor standing MFDs
  • Floor standing fax machine drum scanners
  • Floor standing fax machine photocopiers
  • Floor standing fax machines

Computer Peripherals

  • Mouse
  • Trackball
  • Keyboard
  • Keypad
  • Cables*
  • Connectors*
  • Chargers*
  • Remotes*
  • Docking Stations*
*These products are accepted for collection but do not attract a separate EHF on purchase.

NON-Cellular Phones and Answering Machines

  • Telephones (corded and cordless, VoIP, satellite phones)
  • Telephone line answering machines (cassette and digital)
  • Speaker/Conference phone

Cellular devices and Pagers

  • Cellular phones, including those offering camera, video recording and/or audio functions
  • Smart phones (cell-enabled)
  • Palmtop computers (cell-enabled)
  • Cell-enabled PDAs utilizing touch-screen technology
  • Cell-enabled handheld devices
  • Pagers

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