Time Based Services

Fast, time-based support for quick fixes when you need help now.


No annual fee, you pay when you need us.


$25.00 for 30 mins.

What we can do:

Email Problem

  • Resolve any errors or problems with your emails
  • Install email software programs like Outlook, Outlook Express & Eudora e-mail
  • Setup free e-mail accounts with your Internet Service Provider
  • Setup customized email accounts on the Internet (Web mail).
  • Fix all email problems in sending or receiving emails
  • Activate spam blockers in your email program so you can stay free from adult spam in your inbox
  • Create e-mail rules so that you can automatically push e-newsletter in folders for easy access and storage

Computer Repair

  • Locating the cause of the lockups, crashes, slowdowns or Internet problems
  • Repairing any type of existing operating system issues
  • Installation of critical updates, if relevant
  • Make sure your computer is running efficiently


  • Install Drivers
  • Set-up printer networking
  • Configure settings
  • Test print

Software Issues

  • Diagnose and repair the problem, and reinstall application, if necessary
  • Support for over 70 daily use software applications
  • Quick Assistance with using a particular software including navigation & functionality.

Internet Browsers

  • Configuration of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Netscape Browser for quick Internet Access
  • Troubleshoot and fix slow Internet
  • Manage Internet Cookies and web history
  • Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla & Netscape browsing errors
  • Re-Install & configure faulty Internet connection
  • Updating to latest version of web Browser

Data backup and Data transfer

  • Transfer documents, pictures, music, address, email, bookmark to new computer or external harddrive

Remote Time Based Computer Services

CODE: 888-1009

In stock

* Charge by half an hour. $25 for 30 mins.

No contract, you pay when you need us.

What we do:

  • Email Problem Fix
  • Computer Issues Diagnostics and Repair
  • Software Issues Diagnostics and Repair
  • Printers Setup and Repair
  • Internet Browsers Setup and Fix
  • Data backup and Data transfer
  • and more...
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