Remote Support

Thanks to the connective power of the Internet, our technicians don't need to be present to be on the case. After a quick program installation, our Remote Support services allow create a private and secure connection to your business workstations via a broadband connection. We see and control your desktop, providing live support sessions from our command station.

Your business is unique, and Cybbay computer services are designed to match. Three options ensure you never pay too much, yet get the right support. Pick the service you need, when your business needs it. It's that simple.

Choose from the following Remote Support services

Time Based Services

Minute by minute, day to day, we tackle, tweak and optimize those bothersome computer issues and speed your workflow. Disappearing documents, strange email behavior. Quirky computer behavior you'd rather not have to deal with. Thanks to Time-Based Remote Support, you don't. We take care of your problem in minutes. $25 per 30 mins. All remotely. It's that simple.

Task Based Services

Outlook and email setup, Windows updates, hardware and driver installs. At Cybbay, optimizing your computer systems and network is a science. And we've got a cheat sheet with all the equations. Get precise support for the task at hand and pay for nothing more, nothing less. It's that simple.

Annual Remote Support

It's inevitable. Computer problems are going to happen. Information technology gets the job done, but it's not perfect. When issues arise, you don't want to focus on how long it takes or how much it's going to cost. You just want it fixed.

Our Annual Remote Support offers one low fee for anytime support, all year long. Peace of mind. It's that simple

To find out how simple IT can be, call the professionals at (514) 447-9188.

Annual Remote Computer Support

CODE: 888-1017

In stock

Our on-demand 'front of the line' annual remote support service.


By paying $160 per PC a year, you get Online PC Support all year long.

What we can do:

  • - Computer repair
  • - Windows and software issues
  • - Printers driver installtion and problem repair
  • - Internet browsers
  • - Data backup and data transfer
  • - Secure wireless network setup
  • - Virus and spywares removal
  • - and much, much more...


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Remote Task Based Computer Services

CODE: 888-1016

Enter your price: $
In stock

* Call us for a price quote on your specific case.

Task-based support assures there will be no billing surprises later.

Stopping worry about how many hours we spend, you pay fix price.Starting from $25.00, we can setup your email, install your printer; setup your secure wireless network and more.
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Remote Time Based Computer Services

CODE: 888-1009

In stock

* Charge by half an hour. $25 for 30 mins.

No contract, you pay when you need us.

What we do:

  • Email Problem Fix
  • Computer Issues Diagnostics and Repair
  • Software Issues Diagnostics and Repair
  • Printers Setup and Repair
  • Internet Browsers Setup and Fix
  • Data backup and Data transfer
  • and more...
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