Remote Monitoring

Do you spend more time managing your IT network than your business?


Remote MonitoringRemote Monitoring is a software solution that provides more stable, reliable and secure servers, networks and workstations.

Our real-time Remote Monitoring service provides instant reports of any hardware failures. When a problem occurs we notify our customers immediately. They then have the choice of fixing the problem themselves or having our certified technicians perform repairs onsite or via remote access.

Remote monitoring is a proactive approach to maintaining a more reliable business network. The value to our customers is we can, by leveraging monitoring and preventative maintenance, dramatically reduce the number and frequency of downtime issues while at the same time provide a much faster remediation time.

By monitoring our customer's important IT systems, we can know of a disruptive issue as early as (and in some cases earlier than) our customers. Furthermore, we no longer need to rely on our customers to tell us what the issue is because the monitoring solution will point us more directly to the problem and therefore cut down our troubleshooting and fix time.


Our Remote Monitoring Program Advantages:

Increased productivity: Continuous insight into your network lets us reduce the business impact of IT failure by shortening the time from network failure to issue resolution.

Reduced business impact from IT failures: Combining preventative maintenance and remote monitoring means we minimize failures that could impact your business. Your network behaves in a stable and reliable manner.

Reduced network downtime through proactive maintenance: Through regular, preventative maintenance activities designed to keep your network operating efficiently, we reduce the number of emergency incidents you encounter.

Our 24/7advanced monitoring includes:

Server Monitoring
We monitor our customer's servers for any issues that may arise.

Backup Monitoring
We monitor the success of our customer's backup solution to ensure that their data is always protected.

Network Monitoring
We monitor our customer's routers and switches to ensure that network traffic is always moving.

Workstation Monitoring
We monitor our customer's workstations for any issues that may arise to ensure optimum performance

Security Monitoring
We monitor our customer's firewalls, antivirus definitions and patch levels to ensure that the security solution is always updated.

Performance Reporting
We provide FREE monthly reports on the status - and upgrade recommendations - of our customer's networks.

Also available for a fee are meetings (online or in person) to review customized reports, overall network health, and strategic IT planning with our customers. At these meetings, we will also review Network Health reports with our customers, ensuring that they are more informed on their network infrastructure so that together we can make the right decisions about the networks future.


The Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring when combined with the appropriate proactive and reactive solutions provides a more stable and secure business network and infrastructure.

A dramatic reduction in the number of emergency incidents that can negatively impact and affect the success of our customer's businesses.

Cost Savings monitoring the customer's network will allow us to determine quickly the root cause of any network issue, thereby reducing the timely task of issue diagnosis from hours to minutes resulting in substantial cost savings to our customers.

At the same time, if the recommended routine maintenance is performed it will help to remove a substantial amount of issues experienced, each of which is an unneeded IT expense.

Higher Levels of Employee Productivity by performing routine maintenance and watching the customer's network, the business impact of any IT failure by is reduced by shortening the mean time to incident resolution, thus resulting in increased customer productivity levels.

On-Site and Remote Support is billed at $80 per hour. A typical customer of 20 staff members will use approximately 10 hours per month.



What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring is a set of industry standard software tools used by computer professionals to monitor the state of their customer's computers and networks.

Long-term use of Remote Monitoring in conjunction with proactive and reactive computer repairs leads to a more stable, reliable and secure business network.

Remote monitoring and maintenance will also reduce the cost of managing a corporate network by narrowing down trouble spots and provided a more accurate report of repairs needed. Repairs and upgrades are done according to industry standard recommendations, rather than by guesswork.

How it works

Through the combination of both the comprehensive monitoring and the recommended preventative maintenance activities, this program will reduce the business impact of IT failure by minimizing both the occurrences of IT failure and the duration of any remaining IT failures, thus resulting in a highly reliable and stable customer network.

With this program, our goal is to partner with our customers' to become their outsourced IT Department. We want to provide the assurance that a team of experienced and highly skilled IT professionals are working 'behind the scenes' to keep their network functioning as optimally as possible so as to not negatively affect their business operations.

All customers of Cybbay are managed by Cybbay's Network Operations Center. This allows our team of engineers to support our customers with cutting edge remote support technology, and gather critical information to quickly diagnose and remediate issues as they arise. Support is billed at our competitive hourly rates.

Remote Management for Desktop and Laptop - Professional IT Services

CODE: 888-1004

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* Charge by per desktop or laptop, and per month.

Our Instant Notification System provides real-time reports of hardware and networks.

  • - Increase Staff Productivity
  • - Reduces Downtime / Failures
  • - 24/7 Network Monitoring / Alerts
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Remote Management for Server - Professional IT Services

CODE: 888-1003

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* Charge by per server and per month.

Our Instant Notification System provides real-time reports of hardware and networks.

  • - Increase Staff Productivity
  • - Reduces Downtime / Failures
  • - 24/7 Network Monitoring / Alerts
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