Managed Backup

Are you prepared for a business data loss or backup failure?


Managed BackupYour business deserves to be protected - our managed data backup service is a true peace of mind solution for Canadian small and medium size businesses.

A managed backup service from Cybbay ensures that all files are automatically backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes if needed. And it will likely cost less than your monthly phone bill. So, how much is your data worth?

Your business data is the lifeblood of your company and the amount you are collecting and storing is growing all the time. Imagine the impact if you lost a day's data, a week's data, a year's data, due to inadequate or infrequent back-up processes. What would happen, could you recover?

With Cybbay's Managed Backup service all aspects of your backup including folders, files and storage server are monitored and managed by the professionals at Cybbay according to your business requirements.

Cybbay's Managed Backup Service monitors multi-user environments, schedules automatic backups, and monitors the health of your backups.

Key Features:

Block level Infinite Incremental backup
Never having to do another full backup drastically reducing the backup time, storage space, network traffic, and the workload of your servers.

Recover your data to dissimilar hardware
Can perform a bare metal restore of your data to dissimilar hardware. You don't have to worry about purchasing that new server anymore!

Virtual server support
Backup your virtual servers with the same soft- ware that you use to backup your physical serv- ers.

Supreme flexibility
Recover your data from nearly any point in time. Whether it is just one file or a full restore.

Full Transparency Through Reporting
Wide range of detailed reports are provided monthly to ensure that you know what is hap- pening and that you can breathe easy knowing that your data is protected.

Fully Monitored System
We monitor the software to ensure it is always working, and will act immediately if there is an issue

Reduced Costs

  • Less storage space required
  • Less bandwidth needed
  • Recover to dissimilar hardware if needed
  • Improved productivity
  • Back up more data in less time
  • Minimize downtime with faster restore times
  • Restore a single file or a complete volume from any point in time you have data backed up

Increased awareness

  • Centralized NOC Management & Monitoring by our engineering team
  • Detailed monthly reports on backup status
  • Increased confidence
  • Regular backups minimize business downtime in the event of a data loss
  • Backups are always scheduled and managed by experts


Why Managed Backup?

Your business data is growing:
Digital data is rapidly growing at a rate of 80% each year, and businesses like yours are responsible for maintaining 85% of that information.

Data loss happens
Hard drive crashes, spilled drinks, and accidental file deletion can occur at any time and put your company's future in jeopardy. In fact, 93% of all companies that suffer significant data loss close down within 5 years!

You need to do more with less
Traditional backup solutions can be expensive and take weeks to implement, leaving your business vulnerable to revenue and productivity loss.

Benefits of Managed Backup

Low cost of ownership
A fully managed data backup and restore solution for the same or less than a capital purchase that you have to manage yourself.

Total Peace of Mind
Thanks to centralized management & monitoring by our NOC team, you can rest assured that your business data is safe and being handled by expert's means you can focus on your business

Reduce your day to day operating costs
While most solutions require full backups periodically or in some cases daily, our solution only requires an initial full backup then from that point stores only incremental file changes. Saving you money in storage space, data transfer costs and server load.

Safeguard business information
Since the solution takes backups in terms of changes, you will be able to recover files, even older revisions.

Ensure Business Continuity
Backup up your most critical business applications to ensure that you can get quick access to restore systems that would have the most impact to your day-to-day operations if they were down.

Increase productivity and decrease downtime
With our rapid restore capabilities, we will minimize the costs associated to lost productivity and downtime.

Detailed reporting Information
No longer will you be unsure of how well your data is protected. We will provide you with reports monthly that let you know that your data is safe!

Managed Backup for Desktop and Laptop

CODE: 888-1006

In stock
* Charge by per desktop or laptop, and per month.

Never worry about losing critical files with our local Managed Backup System.

  • - Fully Monitored / Verified Backups
  • - One Low Fixed Monthly Fee
  • - Fast Recovery / Reduces Downtime
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Managed Backup for Server

CODE: 888-1005

In stock
* Charge by per server and per month.

Never worry about losing critical files with our local Managed Backup System.

  • - Fully Monitored / Verified Backups
  • - One Low Fixed Monthly Fee
  • - Fast Recovery / Reduces Downtime
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