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Case study of network Infrastructure for small business and home office <10 users

Most small office networks include wireless router, desktop switch, workgroup server, workstations and printers. The wireless router works as Internet gateway and limited function firewall. The workgroup server can be a file server, accounting server or special application server.Laserjet Monochrome printer for daily printing and color ink Multifuntion printer for color printing.

small-size business network infrastructure


Knowledge base

Switch for small business


The network switch, or hub, plays an important role in most modern Ethernet local area networks (LANs). Mid-to-large sized LANs contain a number of linked managed switches. Small office/home office (SOHO) applications typically use a single switch, or an all-purpose converged device such as a gateway to access small office/home broadband services such as DSL or cable internet.Wireless router for network

Wire/wireless Router

A wireless network router is a device that performs the functions of a router but also includes the functions of a wireless access point and a network switch. They are commonly used to allow access to the Internet or a computer network without the need for a cabled connection. It can function in a wired LAN (local area network), a wireless only LAN (WLAN), or a mixed wired/wireless network.
Server for small business


A server is a high-end computer, or series of computers, that link other computers or electronic devices together. They often provide essential services across a network, either to private users inside a large organization or to public users via the internet.
Workstation for business


A workstation is a high-end computer designed for technical or scientific applications. Historically, workstations had offered higher performance than desktop computers, especially with respect to CPU and graphics, memory capacity and multitasking capability. They are optimized for the visualization and manipulation of different types of complex data such as 3D mechanical design, engineering simulation, animation and rendering of images, and mathematical plots.
Printer for business


A MFP printer is a convenient replacement for printers, scanners and fax machines. For high volume printing a dedicated laser printer will stand up to heavy use. Large format printers are easy way to produce large documents in-house. Solid ink printer can save money on high volume colour printing. For home use a simple inkjet printer is generally sufficient.


Cisco Network Solution---Base on 5 users office

Wireless Router
Monochrome Printer
Color Printer
Setup Internet connection; Setup wireless connection and security; Setup DHCP; Setup Port forwarding; Setup remote access; Setup firewall policies; Setup printer share; Setup workstations; Setup server

Cost Estimate: $5,900.00

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