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Phishing (also referred to as brand spoofing) is a type of scheme that uses fraudulent e-mail and web pages to gather personal, financial and sensitive information for the purpose of identity theft. Most commonly, users receive spam e-mail (mass e-mail messaging) and pop-up windows that appear to come from legitimate businesses. People have been tricked by these deceptive solicitations into sharing passwords and credit card, social security and bank account numbers.

As an online user, you should always continue to take precautions including querying the origination of e-mails, the URLs that those e-mails purport to take you to, and paying close attention to the secure padlock icon on your Internet Browser. Additionally, you should always navigate the web using authentic Internet security software. The ONLY time Cybbay collect your credit card information is when you are making an online purchase on our secure web site.

If you think you were the recipient of a phishing e-mail where you provided some information, please contact your credit card company immediately to determine what recourse you have available to you.

Cybbay is committed to protecting and ensuring your personal information remains private. If you have any questions for Cybbay, please contact us at info@cybbay.com or via phone at (514) 447-9188.


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