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Cybbay Business Solutions offer large-scale IT solutions for small and medium sized business. Designed to support the growth and development of your company, our IT services help you meet the challenges of the digital marketplace.

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Network Infrastructure

In the age of IT, nothing is more vital to keeping your company efficient, connected and competing with the outside world than your network. It's the backbone of your technology infrastructure, bringing together employee workstations, servers, printers and a mountain of business knowledge. Whether you need a network for a small team, video or telecom servers or want to take a multi-tiered network to the next level, our Network Infrastructure Business Solution is the answer.

Video Conference Systems

Thanks to the Internet, face to face communication is possible, even when colleagues and business partners are on the other side of the globe. We install and setup Polycom RealPresence Ready systems to boost employee productivity and ensure business goals can be met in any circumstance. When flights are cancelled and disaster strikes, our Video Conference System Business Solutions close the gap, keeping the business players connected.

Business Phone Systems

Whether you run a sales office, retail locations or corporate space, your phone system is key to business communication. Every call counts and TalkSwitch Phone Systems keep the ideas, customers and dollars talking. Phone System Business Solutions offer affordable rates and are based on the size of your business. Installation, setup and owner friendly TalkSwitch phone systems included.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Information is all about data and your business has lots of it. Company data is the lifeblood of your organization. When it comes to keeping it safe and secure, redundancy is a good thing. From emails and document sharing, to website and server files, protect your data with our Backup and Disaster Recovery Business Solutions.

Affordable setups, simple and efficient operation, long lasting data protection.

To find out how simple IT can be, call the professionals at (514) 447-9188.


IT Newtwork Infrastructure for small, mid-size and large-size business

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