How do I use Cybbay Gift Certificate online?

Using Cybbay Gift Certificates online is simple and easy:

If you're using just Gift Certificate(s))

  1. During checkout, go to the "Use a Gift Certificate" section.
  2. Enter the gift Certificate number.
  3. Click the "Continue" button.

If you're using a Credit Card as well as Gift Certificate(s)

  1. During checkout, enter your credit card details in "Use a Credit Card".
  2. In the "Use a Gift Certificate" section, enter the gift Certificate number for each Certificate you use.
  3. Click the "Continue" button.


  1. You can use only one credit card on each order.
  2. You may only use up to two gift Certificates when paying with a credit card.
  3. Maximum of three gift Certificates per order when not combined with a credit card.
  4. Do not dispose of your used gift Certificates until you receive your order.


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