How do I search the Cybbay.com website?

Product Code Search

Searching by product code is a quick and easy way to find the cool products you want on Cybbay.com:

  • Take a look at Cybbay's weekly flyers and you'll notice an 8-digit number labelled Product Code next to every product available on Cybbay.com.  Write down the web code of any product you're interested in checking out online.
  • Enter the product code from the flyer in the "Search" field on our home page.

Basic Instructions for Keyword Search

  • Type the item or topic you are looking for into the Keyword Search box.
  • Select the category in which to target your search (e.g. Entire Site or a specific department).
  • (optional) Under the Keyword Search box, click on Advanced Search, then check the “Exact Phrase” box if you want us to search only for the words that you have entered and in the order that you have entered them.

See more detailed instructions below.

Wildcard (*) Search

Wildcard searches can help you do an Advanced Search if you are not quite sure how to spell your keyword(s).  Just put a wildcard (*) at the end of the word you're not sure how to spell.  For example, if you want to search for the DVD "Erin Brockovich" but you don't know how to spell it, just type in Brocko*; we will give you results with a title or description that contains at least one word that starts with "Brocko".

If you're searching for a phrase, just put an asterisk at the end of the phrase; you don't have to put one at the end of each word.  We'll know what you mean.

Wildcards work only when performing a search by keyword(s).

Narrow Your Search Area

You can refine your search to various sections of the site by modifying the following sections:

  • Department
    e.g. Computers, Music, etc...
  • Category
    e.g. Under Computers: Desktop Computers or Monitors.
  • You also can search the entire site.  This search will include the product catalogue and the site text, such as Help.

Narrow Your Search Results

  • On the search result page, you can narrow down all results found based on categories, brand, price range and other attributes.
  • Number of items found – The number of items that each search attribute yields is indicated in ().  For example, “Computers (54)” indicates 54 items were found in Computers that are related to your search keyword.


Based on your search keyword, the search result page can display items according to price, title, or customer rating.


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