Does Cybbay offer First Nations tax exemption?

Cybbay offers First Nations people the opportunity to apply for a sales tax exemption on online orders provided the following guidelines are met:
  • The customer is entitled to sales tax exemption under the Indian Act
  • The product is delivered to a Reserve
  • Sufficient supporting documentation is submitted
  • All Federal and Provincial tax exemption requirements are adhered to
  • The below form is submitted by fax within 30 days of the ship date on your invoice

Sales tax exemptions will be considered after the online order is placed and upon receiving the following information:

1. A completed and signed Sales Tax Exemption Form (First Nations)
2. A copy of one of the following documents:
  • Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) if the order is for personal use OR
  • Status Indian Band Certification if the order is for band use

Please mail/fax your completed form and a copy of your certificate to:

E-Commerce, Order Management Group
5205 Rue Sherbrooke O.
Montreal, QC V5J 5K3
Fax#: (514) 447-9188

When compiling and sending the required information, please keep in mind that only claims meeting the above-mentioned exemption requirements will be considered. Merely submitting a claim is not an official agreement or guarantee that tax will be refunded.

Fully completed exemption requests with supporting documents will be reviewed within 5 business days of receipt. If additional information is required, a claim may take longer to evaluate and a Cybbay representative may need to contact you.

Our ability to provide a refund of the sales tax is based on applicable GST/HST rules as well as any provincial laws applicable in the “ship-to” province. If your claim does not meet all requirements, Cybbay will not be able to refund any sales tax.

Click here for the Sales Tax Exemption Form (First Nations)

The form requires Adobe Reader. Click here to download Adobe Reader 


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